Cleaning instructions

Custom Copper Sinks:

Minimal Care is needed due to the natural antibacterial component in copper.This component will fight e coli, strep, staff and merca within four hours at room temperature. To enhance the antique look of the sinks a mild dish soap is all that’s needed. Simply rinse the sink after each use or for a thorough cleaning wash with dish soap and rinse. We recommend letting your copper sink age naturally to enhance the rich colors of the copper.

Applications of olive oil will enrich the color of the patina over time; this will bring out the richer spicy brown tones of the copper. Your sink may brighten in certain areas when in contact with citric acid such as lemon or lime, or the acid from tomatoes. If this occurs no worries, simply lightly blend out the area using a green scotch bright sponge pad,do not scour the sink just even the tones out and rinse, let your sink heal itself it will return to its beautiful natural look in a couple of days.

A quality carnauba car wax may be applied occasionally after cleaning to protect the copper, apply wax, allow to haze and buff to remove. A wax coating is applied to each sink before shipping. No harsh chemicals, Bar Keepers Friend,Brass cleaners, Copper Cleaners, Soft scrub,these are all wonderful products but not recommended for our copper work. These products will brighten your copper requiring more maintenance. We DO NOT recommend this method. Mountain Copper Creations sinks are designed to have a rustic bold appearance.
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Hand Made Copper Counter Tops and Tables:

The same method is used to clean counter tops. Wipe clean after each use, using a mild dish soap and use a carnauba car wax occasionally. You may experience blemishes on on your counter top or table as with the sinks. Treat them with the same method  as the sinks. Most of our clients like this effect and enjoy the antique look.

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Cleaning Copper Range Hoods:

Copper Range Hoods are easy to clean. They are more apt to get dusty, for this a swifter duster works great! When you need a deeper cleaning use a mild dish soap and an occasional waxing.

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Our Specialty Items:

These are easily cleaned as well. Spoon rest will change in color when used with tomato or citric foods. No problem wash them while cleaning up with your dish water. Enjoy the changes to the copper with each use. We don’t recommend a dishwasher for these custom copper pieces. Warm mild dish soap is all you will need.

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Handmade Custom Copper is made to enjoy so make sure you find your right fit!

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